Love through understanding.
Understanding through self-examination.

About the Course
A 10-week course with twice-weekly meetings facilitated by a live instructor. Coursework consists of a guided engagement with instructional videos featuring Chloe Valdary, pop cultural artifacts, and readings in philosophy, psychology, and civil rights history.
Through a variety of engaging materials—from the Lion King to Kendrick Lamar, from James Baldwin to Brené Brown, from Nike ads to Steinbeck—students grapple with three guiding moral principles.
Client: Higher Ground Education 

Teacher: Chloe Valdary
Executive Producer:  Steve Dabal
Director: Emma Blackman
CD: Fawaz
Line Producer: Harry Baruch
Asst. Line Producer: Zack Fikoff
Camera Operator: Jesse Sperling
Sound: Kip Strum
PA: Meng "Kary" Deng
MUA: Paula Salas Bloise