"One pair of sneakers, destroyed them, drew them, sold them, then with the sale of sketch bought 1,000’s of sneakers for kids who needed them most" ​​​​​​​- CJ Hendry

In 2015 CJ Hendry destroyed a pair of Nike Air MAGs ($10,000 pair of shoes) by dipping the sneakers in black paint. 
She then created an ink drawing, and after being auctioned for $130,000. She used the funds to purchase 1000 shoes 
for Sheltering Arms, which serves youth in New York. The above video highlights the making of Hendry’s 
#SneakerDead project, as well as thousands of sneakers that were purchased for NY youth, as a result." 
CJs original drawing of the Nike Mags.
CJs original drawing of the Nike Mags.

Client: CJ Hendry
Director : CJ Hendry 
Producer: Samuel Limata / Harry Baruch
Editor: Harry Baruch