A bohemian voodoo witch concocts a plan to ease an unscratchable itch.
The Other Stuff LLC
"Developed in partnership with"Cranch

Executive Producer: Patrick Shelton
Director/ Writer: Matt Ott
Producer: Susie Talbot
Producer: Harry Baruch

The Scratcher: Carmen Lagala
Woman holding onto on phone: Susie Talbot
The Chewer: Jeff Scheen
The Chewer's Dog: Jeff Scheen's Dog 
The Flosser: Elias Tejada
The Clipper: Chanel Ali
The Little Girl: Marlee Eaton
The Mom: Alana Rasmussen
P.O.S.Jericho Davidson
Excited Dog: Banner Ott
Cop: Matt Ott
Subway Rider / BG: Justin Propper

Director of Photography: Olivia Kimmel
1st AC: Luna Burns
Gaffer: Colby Blackwill
Sound Mixer: Jake Hankins
Hair & Makeup: Nicole Liotta
Production Driver: Harry Baruch
Generalist: Elias Tejada
Generalist: Clare Stukel
Editor: Jared Toaster
Colorist: Harry Baruch