Key Art Image

Looking For Love

The Big 5-0

The Naked Truth

Client: Second Stage Theater

Tracy Letts / Playwright
Dexter Bullard / Director
Ian Barford / Wheeler
Jim True-Frost / Paul
Sally Murphy / Margaret
Cora Vander Broek / Jules
Chantal Thuy / Minnie
Troy West / Michael
Caroline Neff / Anita

Agency: RPM
Art Director: Alsha Reyna
CCD: Nathan McGaughey
Senior Copywriter: Greg Costello
Producer: Harry Baruch
PM: Kyle Carter
PA: Maria Nazarouk

Key Art Photography: 
Matt Murphy

Looking For Love: 
Production: Suspension Productions

The Big 5-0 & The Naked 
Truth: Production: Jake Moore

Key HMU: Takashi Ashizawa

Costume Designer: Laura Bauer
Assist: Beth Hoppe